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bails: an introduction to
geometric beadwork

Bails: An Introduction to Geometric Beadwork In this class you will learn to create a Geometric Warped Square and add a few embellishments to create a bail. Itís a fun project with many possibilities.

hanging around: a study of beaded ropes and dangling components

Hanging Around: A Study in Beaded Ropes and Dangling ComponentsIn this class you will explore a variety of different beaded rope techniques — with an emphasis on creating your own unique versions — then fabricate some hanging components/baubles that will complement your special piece of wearable art. Come join us for a day of creating, constructing, and embellishing.

jan's friendship lariat

Jan's PRAW Lariat This elegant, yet stylishly simple PRAW (prismatic right angle weave) lariat is a wonderful way to showcase a few of your favorite lampwork beads.
Or, create your own fringe with pearls, crystals, and your imagination. The slider does just that with another opportunity to display a few more stunning beads. You will also become adept at Prismatic RAW.  

So come and enjoy a fun day of beading, exploring, and learning as you create this very wearable piece of jewelry.

beads, bezels, and bails, oh my!

Beads, Bezels, and Bails, Oh My! If you are looking to create something new…well, this class is for you. Spend a day in this fun and engaging class as you create at least three projects. This is a great way to step into geometric beadwork and design, as well as some basic bezeling. Work with a color palette that is wild or elegant - whatever your mood and you will see that these projects can comfortably stand alone as completed, or can easily be adapted as components or the beginning of something new.
for the ears

peyote basics - bezels

Bezel EarringsThe Peyote Bezel is a base for so many lovely pieces.  A bezel - or cup - holds the a focal as it grabs your eye to the piece.  In this class you’ll master the basics of this important technique.  Learn to capture a stone or crystal cabochon for a pendant. Make it simple or embellish the bezel.  You’ll learn it all in a fun day of beading.

Prerequisite: Must have a comfort level in working with small seed beads.


crystal twist earrings

Crystal Twist EarringsThese simple yet stunning earrings swing with a life of their own as the crystals twist in an intriguing dangle.
Learn to create them in this quick class and then make many variations. Using your favorite crystals or beads they can be elegant, casual, or somewhere in between.
for the neck

captured elegance

captured eleganceLearn to capture a large gemstone or glass cabochon of your choice with a unique beaded design that enhances your cab from all sides. After this class you will be able to create a beaded bezel for any size stone. Add a touch of drama with a freeform necklace based on an interplay of colors that mirror and accent your focal piece. This project is suitable for all levels so come and enjoy a day of creativity and fun.

freeform peyote pouch

Freeform Peyote PouchThis is a great class for using up all those leftover beads as well as your bead soup. You will take your beadweaving skills to the next level as you learn to combine beadweaving stitches to create a small wearable amulet pouch. Later, use these skills to create larger items…phone case? lipstick holder for parties?, etc. Best of all, come enjoy a day of fun with like minded beaders.



ScheherazadeStrengthen your basic beading skills as you create your own distinctive piece of jewelry. This beaded "ribbon" necklace is created with contrasting matte and shiny beads and is tied in a knot at the base. Hang a unique focal pendant and learn a great embellishing technique.

camelot necklace

Camelot Necklace Learn to create this elegant necklace featuring a new twist on an old stitch. This straightforward design combines focal beads, an eye catching clasp with dangles in the front, and crystals and/or fire-polished beads that add a subtle texture to the finished piece. Learn to fashion different looks with added spacers, roundels, and bead caps.



luscious lariat

Luscious LariatLariats have become so popular that they are seen EVERYWHERE. Used as belts as well as neckware, they are as varied as any imagination. This unique project is a combination of some basic techniques. Take your skills as far as they will go as you explore colors, textures, and contrasts with this elegant design.

mini loom beaded pouch

mini pouchBeadweaving on a loom is becoming more and more popular. This technique is used for belts, hatbands, watchbands, as well as neckwear and can be as simple or complex as your imagination. This unique project is a combination of some basic looming techniques that will serve as a foundation for many varied future projects.

avalon necklace

Avalon NecklaceThis subtle yet dramatic necklace evokes old-world vintage braids. Construct this piece with a unique bead stitch that has many possibilities for creating additional distinctive jewelry. A combination of colored crystals marries elegance and BLING. Warning: This stitch can become addictive.


ambrosia lariat

ambrosia lariatThe subtle gradation of colors melting together is one of the important design techniques you will learn while creating the spectacular netted lariat. You'll then finish it off with a cascade of luscious fringe.


Twist and SwirlUsing one of your favorite gemstones, large vintage, lampwork, or crystal focal beads, each student will learn the basics of creating their own unique necklace. Using the beads and colors you like, go wild with the medley of Ndebele Stitch variations we will explore. This necklace is an excellent way to learn and strengthen your technical and creative skills. Color selection and bead compatibility will be discussed as we "Twist and Swirl" through a fun-filled day of beading, support, and friendship.


TzarinaCapture a beautifully luminous faceted crystal pendant within a shimmering net of embellishment beads that is dripping with fringe. This masterpiece is sure to draw rave reviews.

for the wrist

magpie freeform loomed cuff

Freeform Fiber and Bead CuffIn this workshop you’ll learn a new loom weaving technique: exploring texture and color with both fiber and beads. Using Judy Walker’s Paper Clip Loom learn a new way of finishing without weaving warp threads. Or, use a traditional loom with more traditional techniques. Either way, this project will open new doors to weaving. Join us for an enjoyable day mastering this new and unique approach to looming.


triple your crystal cuff

triple your crystal cuffLiz's newest version of her original design blends beadweaving techniques and Swarovski crystals. What could be better? The skills you develop in this class can be used for bracelets, necklaces, and more. Beadweaving experience is helpful - but all levels are welcome.

beads of time

beads of time watch bandUsing a variety of beads, you will create a stunning sculptural watchband for a favorite watch face.  Learn to combine freeform beading techniques with basic stitches.  Finish off with a unique buckle closure or the clasp of your choice.  Join us for a fun day of creative beadweaving.

double your crystal cuff

Silver Double CuffCreate a show stopping crystal cuff. Using a unique bead stitch with countless possiblilites, explore color as you create a distinctive piece of unique jewelry. Work on doubles and don't stop there. Explore variations on this theme using unexpected bead combinations. This cuff has lots of WOW factor and plenty of BLING!
this 'n' that

bead embroidery

Bead EmbroideryBead embroidery can be one of the most expressive, most satisfying methods of beadwork you will do. It's like painting with beads. Many people shy away from this technique as it seems complicated and difficult, but in this class you will begin with the basics. Spend a day learning and exploring this very gratifying textile art form. Wander your creative path as you follow your imagination using the beads you love.


peyote basics - tubes

Peyote Basics - TubesPeyote tube beads are so much fun to make, they are almost addictive. Although their design is simple, it is easy to vary the width and length of the tube to come up with slightly different looks.

In this class we will explore endless design and color options with this versatile component. Peyote bead tubes are a great way to use up small amounts of beads from other projects and mix well with other creative options.

Prerequisite: Must have a comfort level in working with small seed beads.


the calorie free donut

calorie free donut beaded beadUsing objects we routinely throw away, learn to create a beautiful object ‘de arte. Wear it, or use it in artistic and unique home decor.  Beginning with the basics, Liz will guide you through an exploration of various structural methods of Freeform Fantasy Techniques.  You can design a Pendant… Napkin Ring… Paperweight… whatever, however, and wherever your imagination takes you.  Grab you beads and join us for a day of fun and exploration.

finding Your muse

Is Seed Beading something you love to do? Making bits and pieces to "use later"? Do you have a project that stymies you? Do you enjoy exploring and playing with color? Then maybe a course of Independent Study with support and guidance is just what you need to get you going on your own creative path. The goal of this class is to help you plan your creation, organize your ideas, and learn how to make them a reality. Spending some quality time with like-minded beaders, enjoying lively discussions, and sharing ideas are extra benefits. Every month we'll discuss various topics about Seed Beading and how to make them work for you.



making ends meet

Making Ends MeetThis class is designed to help you with those often pesky but so important finishing details at the clasp. Bring an almost finished project and we'll find the right closure and technique to finish it elegantly.

bead stringing basics

Not sure where or how to start? This is the workshop where you'll learn all the basics you'll need to know to create you own necklace or bracelet.

galaxy beaded beads

Galaxy Beaded BeadsLearn to combine beads and stitches with this fun freeform project.  Play with color as you strengthen your skills and develop new ones.  Join us for a great day of fun and overcome any fear of freeform you may have. 


loomed flag pin

loomed Flag PinIn this class you will learn the basics of beading on a loom as you create a delightful American Flag Pin to wear with patriotic pride.  Learn the basics as well as a new technique or two.  This is a fun and satisfying class and you’ll be a looming pro in no time.