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Colors, shapes, and textures fascinate me. The land, sea, and sky of the Natural World consistently inspire me. Every day new vistas present themselves and quickly become additional palettes for future work.

Bead weaving is the perfect medium for me to use my sense of color, texture, and movement to express my creative ability. My work is detailed, repetitive, and time-consuming. As I assemble and manipulate the various styles of beads to create a unified work, I am immersed in an ongoing magical process. Each piece of work is one of a kind, with its own character that perhaps tells a story. I relish the freedom of starting with a simple idea and the excitement of letting the beads dictate the shape and form of the finished piece. I feel that beads speak a symbolic language which connects the wearer and the observer. I love creating jewelry that causes people to stop and stare, to reach out, and touch.

I grew up in Santa Monica, CA, graduated from USC, and began my thirty-five year career in the Elementary School classroom. Part of this career was spent teaching in the Dept. of Defense schools overseas. During my countless trips to Venice, Italy I became fascinated with beads and their possibilities. Beading has become both my passion and my obsession since retiring from the classroom six years ago, and continues to open new doors for me at every turn. After discovering that I have an innate sense of color and texture, the artist within first fluttered, and then took wing. I've never looked back. Shifting my teaching skills to beading has created an entirely new career that blends my love for teaching, travel, and people. What could be better? I enjoy teaching and sharing my work, exploring my creativity, and expressing myself with my jewelry which connects me with others.

My work has been published in the 2001 A Bead Odyssey Calendar, Jane Davis's A Beader's Reference, and the December 2005 issue of "Beadwork Magazine".

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